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Forum Stuff

Postby Grizfan-24 » Tue May 10, 2011 1:14 pm

Okay here it goes.

A few of general points about this going forward.

1. This isn't perfect, I am not a genius. I love talking X's and O's football. Much of this is going to be my observations, so if you have disagreements please feel free to point them out.
2. I tend to be erratic in my thought pattern, so if there is something that I miss or ignore please let me know.
3. As time moves on, I would much prefer to be a research tool. Meaning if there is something you want to see, put it in this thread and I will effort the reasearch and create a thread specifically to what you want to see.
4. In the beginning I will use the blog I have created to house much of the writing. Just easier for me to limit the size of the thread. Make it easier I think in the long run.
-- In addition to that, I will provide a link to each thread topic on my blog. Feel free to cut and past and comment on here or on the blog.
5. Just give me constructive feedback. That is all I ask. Just be constructive in general. Disagree, agree, just make it about the topic at hand and I won't get all despotic on your arses.

Thanks to all in my efforts to do this.

Edit 6-25-11:
I apologize for my tardiness with posts. I have been busy with stuff. If there is anything that anyone wants to discuss an chat about, please let me know. Oh and feel free to post whatever you want. Please, discussion is wanted and needed.
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Re: Forum Stuff

Postby MissoulaMarinerFan » Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:35 am

I'd love to see your thoughts on special teams - formations - should you use starters or not, why is timing critical to field goal kicks - if you've already talked about that I apologize, but I don't recall you going much into that.

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