Eastern E Gals

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Eastern E Gals

Postby ALPHAGRIZ1 » Sat Sep 27, 2014 6:51 pm

Its amazing these guys win games, they are horrible, I cant remember a worse defense, its just BAD at all three levels. Its easier to score on their defense than it is Screaming Eagles Mom and that is a layup if you ever seen one. They have penalties, turnovers and are so undisciplined. The fact most Big Fluffer teams dont play defense they somehow win a game.

I know I was right at the beginning of the season, when they drop a game and they will, the wheels are going to fall of that idiot bandwagon.
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Re: Eastern E Gals

Postby putter » Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:15 pm

You know you have a good Offense when you can still win with that horrible D. I pray that Montana's O gels by that game. I think that Montana's D has a shot - if it can keep shooter in line.

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Re: Eastern E Gals

Postby marceagfan5 » Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:06 am

Eastern's D isn't very good, but the offense is the best in the FCS, making EWU a good team. Eastern is going to give NDSU a run for their money this year.

Eastern will get their D-lineman back from injuries in a couple weeks and the D will improve.

Besides NDSU, who has a chance to stop EWU anyways? Not a lot of great teams in the FCS this year and as the schedule looks now, Eastern will host throughout the playoffs....

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