The Magic Is Dead

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Re: The Magic Is Dead

Postby putter » Wed Nov 12, 2014 3:18 pm

So Alpha, in response to 24 saying we need to look forward, who is rumored to be on the list for the new head coach?

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Re: The Magic Is Dead

Postby MissoulaMarinerFan » Wed Nov 12, 2014 3:45 pm

If ya can check it out in the 37 club...but what is in there may be all you get, because that wasn't even supposed to come out...

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Re: The Magic Is Dead

Postby grizpack » Wed Nov 12, 2014 8:13 pm

Grizfan-24 wrote:What I haven't understood for a long time is why people cannot differentiate between tradition and the present.

Teams put Montana at the top of the list, because it is Montana. Traditionally the class of the Big Sky Conference. I don't believe for a moment at this point teams in the conference circle the Montana game as a must win to win the conference right now. Pretty sure EWU has had that on lock down since 2012.

To that end, even in the recent down turn Montana is still highly competitive (even in 2012). We aren't Northern Colorado, Portland State or Weber right now. We don't have tire tracks on our back. We are one of the three or four most consistently good teams in this conference.

The difference between now and then, is that we don't always beat who we are supposed to beat. This year might be the exception to that end, that there isn't a loss on our schedule right now that isn't against a better or at least equal football team. But the last few years, those losses have mounted up against the middle of the pack (NAU last year, Sac, UND, SUU) and lower teams.

I still don't believe we are as good as we think we are in regards to tradition. I think we have been decidedly mediocre in collective talent since 2010 and that is evident again this year.

We can continue to get the best from teams because we continue to be good if teams want to beat us, they still do have to bring a good effort. We just don't reciprocate right now in teams of the same calibre or better.

That needs to change. But we sure as hell need to stop blaming Engstrom and company for it. Too short sided and we are focusing on the wrong things. Looking backward is all that people want to do, we need to look forward and it appears that a few fans have as well as Haslam has.

Correct. I still have trouble not blaming Engstrom in part, but he isn't going anywhere.

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