2015 Griz Predictions Thread

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2015 Griz Predictions Thread

Postby GRIZNATION » Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:20 am

I have been looking at this years schedule and wanted to get some input on what others think our chances are this year of a winning season with a tough schedule and a new coach?

North Dakota State
Cal Poly
at Liberty
Northern Arizona
at UC Davis
Weber State
North Dakota
at Portland State
at Idaho State
Eastern Washington
at Montana State

This year we get NDSU in our house. Bison lose a lot of players 14 seniors and most of that on defense. NDSU should have a very nice offense again next year with Wentz leading the team again and news of Vraa coming back from injury. This is an interesting match up because the Bison offense and Griz D will both be strengths. Bison will have some big holes to fill on defense and Montana will have a new coach, QB and offensive scheme. This game most likely will come down to turnovers and special teams and it is a heck of a way to start off the new season. If the Griz can gel early, keep NDSU's offense off the field I like our chances to beat them Griz 20-17.

Cal Poly is a trap game coming after the biggest game we will play during the regular season and this game could be the one that sets the tone for the season. Cal Poly is always a tough match up because of their offense but we have been seeing it regularly and need to get it done. No reason Montana cannot avenge last seasons loss when we get these guys at home. If the Griz can stop Brown and Garcia at home I think we match up well with the Mustangs. Griz 27-23

At Liberty and they return a ton on offense (QB-Woodner, RB-Abner and WR-Peterson)from a team that seemed to be turning the corner last year as the season ended. Couple this with the travel and once again new coach, new QB and new system this may be the toughest game we have next year period. This one is a toss up until Montana proves they can win on the road this game could go either way. Liberty 17-14

We get NAU at home and the offense should be finding our stride as we put the wood to the Lumberjacks, that is what we do to NAU and I do not see this season being any different even though the Jacks came off another winning season. Griz 31-17

At UC Davis should be another test against a team with some talent that cannot seem to put it together. This is the game where I think our offense will take off and start to "get it". Griz D puts on a show and the offense clicks in this one as we win our first game on the road. Griz 34-13

Weber St showed some flashes last year and they are always physical and tough. Weber was 2-10 last year but were in quite a few games they could have easily won. Griz DL will have their hands full with the returning OL for the Wildcats. Weber is still a very young team and their DL and OL will be loaded with size this season and they will not be a cake walk. Griz get them at home and with Keyhano gone I don't see that they have enough offense unless somebody else steps up to fill his shoes. Griz 17-13

North Dakota will have a stout defense this year with all but 3 returning players back for another season. the question with them will be offense and their ability to score a few points. FINALLY Griz get these guys at home after playing them in Grand Forks the last 3 times. We need to get up on a team like this early and stomp the accelerator. I am hoping the offense is improving each game and takes another step here. Griz 23-10

Portland St is a certified dumpster fire. We have to go on the road and play them but they are clearly outmatched at every position and now with a new head coach they have no place to go but up after finishing 3-9 last season. Too bad for them they will not be notching a W in this football game. Griz 34-16

At Idaho St, not the same old Bengals, not knowing who the QB will be makes this one hard to judge right now but if they get a gunslinger then we will have our hands full. Nightmare match up for us on paper. This is a more balanced version of Eastern they have a great running back Finney and WR Mangum who are both seniors. Cook TE and Williams WR give whoever is pulling the trigger at ISU a plethora of weapons to dissect a defense while doing it from behind a seasoned OL. Their defense should be improved as well since they are a pretty young team on that side of the ball. As always they will be the best coached team in the BSC because Kramer knows what the hell he is doing. I have my doubts about our defense against teams like ISU and Eastern. Gregorek has not shown he can cope with teams like this and he just sits back and takes whatever they give us, hoping they make mistakes and it seems lately the opposing teams never do. This could be a shoot out in Pocatello, probably in the 30s and whoever has the ball last.

Eastern returns Adams at QB and his weapons of the last few years, Kupp, Hill and Sblendorio so it is going to be the same old story, we let them get up 2 or 3 TD's come back in the second half and lose another close one to Eastern. Gregorek shows again he has done nothing to improve the secondary or his ability to get pressure on the QB. Eastern 41-34

At Montana State the Cats return a QB in Prukop that rushed for 1112 yards and threw for 2279 and he did this in 10 games. Returning running backs Newell and Brekke are back and give them some experience at that position. MSU should have another solid OL for them to run behind. The problem the Cats have is at WR and on defense. There is absolutely nobody at WR that our less than stellar DBs cannot blanket and shut down. Gates, Griebel, Rodderick, Herbert and Paige strike fear into no one. Griebel is serviceable but lets face it none of these guys are good enought to get anything done at WR on their own. Prukop makes them a bit better than they are because he suckers defenses in with his wheels, safeties play up guys get behind them. Stop Prukop you stop the Cats. It is hard to imagine the Cats can be any worse on defense than they were last year. The sad part for them is the defections of the few good players they have on that side of the ball. Coe is gone, Flowers, Dees and Singleton graduated they got a ton of holes to fill and lets face it they do not have the talent on the current roster to fill them. Unless the Cats have some freshmen and new recruits step in and help their defense is going to be pretty bad. Griz defense has proven year after year they can slow the Cat offense down and Montanas' offense ripped the Cat D last year and its going to be worse this year. Couple this with the Cats coming into this game with little momentum, a 5-6 maybe 6-5 record, Griz win this one big on the road and cruise into the playoffs with at 9-3.
Griz 37-23

I really think a 9-3 season is achievable if Stitt is what I believe he is. It's not impossible to think we could even be 10-2 or on the flip side 7-5.

What do you guys think?
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Re: 2015 Griz Predictions Thread

Postby grizpack » Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:46 pm

Bound to be some growing pains. I think we lose, but close to NDSU. We also lose to Cal Poly and ISU. We get EWU at home. 9-3, 8-4. EWU would be the 4th loss if we do lose 4.

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Re: 2015 Griz Predictions Thread

Postby CV Griz Fan » Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:33 pm

grizpack wrote:Bound to be some growing pains. I think we lose, but close to NDSU. We also lose to Cal Poly and ISU. We get EWU at home. 9-3, 8-4. EWU would be the 4th loss if we do lose 4.

I agree with 9-3 or 8-4. Even with no Central Washington or Panhandle St. on the schedule, I don't see Stitt doing any worse than Delaney. Not even in his first year. We'll see.....

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Re: 2015 Griz Predictions Thread

Postby Grizfan-24 » Wed Jan 28, 2015 9:33 am

I think we are set a bit differently under Stitt than we were with Delaney.

First I think the defense is in far better stead now that Gregorak has a clear philosophy and the kinks worked out.

If I were to levy a few concerns, it would not be quarterback play. I think it'll be rough early but the bevy of guys we have are all capable of running the offense succesfully.

Our offensive line play frankly has been absurdly uneven for the past five years. This offense will run if there is a semblance of consistency from the OL. I think more than any section of the program, that is the place we are going to see a bunch of bumps in the road under Stitt.

The schedule works out as such that the majority of difficultly lies in that three game stretch to begin the season. That could be 0-3, 1-2 very easily. After that, the schedule frankly is favorable to the end of the season. MSU will be improved and Eastern is Eastern.

Worst case scenario: 7-4.

Most likely 8-3. NDSU to open is a tall, tall, tall task. I could see us dropping the game against Liberty because of the travel and one of the Eastern or MSU combo.
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Re: 2015 Griz Predictions Thread

Postby grizpack » Wed Jan 28, 2015 9:08 pm

Well, after reading 24's post, and seeing that we only play 11 regular season games, a 9-3 or even 8-4 regular season record will be difficult........ :? I will go 8-3.

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