2015 Spring Practice

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2015 Spring Practice

Postby ALPHAGRIZ1 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:28 pm

Prater and Pflug are head and shoulders above the other QBs on our roster. Their footwork and accuracy are simply the best on the team. When you see the arm strength and mechanics of Prater its hard to believe that he isnt going to be the guy leading fall camp. The only question is how he manages the game and if he gets flustered into making mistakes in game time situations. Chalich would be a distant 3rd talent wise but I would think he would make a nice back up to Prater. Pflug needs to redshirt, learn this offense and add some frame. Not saying he cant be in the mix because the talent is definitely there but I would sit him this season. There was a new QB (18) that had some size and a pretty good arm dont know his name but he looked as tall (or close to) as Gus. Simis from the waist down looks like a huge DL, my god does that guy have a base! His calfs are as big as some thighs. Dude is put together.

Didnt watch the RBs too much, saw Counts (I think) looked healed

Lots of size at WR and its good to have Henderson back

OL Luke looked big, cant imagine him not getting some serious time on the OL this season.

DL still has size, I think Sprunk is a DE now, didnt have time to look for sure.

LB Schye is a stud, and Kose looks bigger than last year. One other new guy looks like he has some talent, dont know who he is but great hips and feet. (Explosive)

Corner has some nice size finally with McKinley and Sanders (I think) looks to be serviceable. Based solely on athletic ability he is the best CB we have. Nelson had a pick 6

Didnt watch safety position much but one guy tweaked his ankle or maybe it was CB Harris, just stepped wrong coming down on a ball drill but was limping noticeably.

Overall the practice was semi different that the past few years, LOTS of teaching and one on one conversations going on at times.

We definitely have "some" QBs and WRs................................................ :grin:
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Re: 2015 Spring Practice

Postby MissoulaMarinerFan » Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:22 pm

#18 was Colter Trent. He graduated from Big Fork in 2013. Was down at SUU one year - so that would make a RS Freshman - I think.

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Re: 2015 Spring Practice

Postby ALPHAGRIZ1 » Thu Mar 12, 2015 2:35 pm

Thanks, MMF I am finally caught up on numbers and coaches so I can be a little more accurate in my next post. I will not be able to catch anymore of the spring practices due to my travel schedule but I will give you a rundown on what I watched yesterday.

Once again the thing I love the most about Stitt is his hands on approach and the way he teaches the players face to face. Yesterday IMO Stitt spent extra time with Simis and Prater, I cannot say if it is because they need the most help or if they seem to be the ones that get it and Stitt realizes it right now. Selle and Stitt are often seen working together with the players much more often than the previous staff did. When the QBs are warming up and in skelly those two are upbeat and teaching, teaching, teaching. Once again I have never seen a more all around talented QB at MT than Prater.

Is he the fastest QB we have ever had? Nope, but he is more than mobile.
Does he have the strongest arm the Griz have ever had? Probably not, but he is in the top 3 that I have ever seen.
Is he the most accurate QB the Griz have ever had? Maybe, him and DD have one physical thing in common that I can see right now, and that is accuracy while rolling out. Like I have said before Prater must really work on his footwork and balance or its just god given.......either way his mechanics are pretty solid.

He might be a guy that slipped threw the cracks and we got a diamond in the rough.

Counts looks fast and has great hands coming out of the backfield, I hope he stays healthy because he can make our run game very dynamic if he does. I also am noticing that Favors is actually stepping up and making some plays that I never noticed last year.

I was hard on Thiebes last year but he got some experience and looked damn good at times, I was mildly impressed and he held his own on the edge against the 1s and 2s. I like Reese but he needs to get stronger but he could really turn into something in the next couple years. I have to say the OL is performing better than I thought they would at this time. Another eye opener.

It is nice to see a semi healthy Henderson and Naccarato running routes again. Jones is gonna have a great fu*king year if those other two can stay on the field this season. I liked Janssen, he works hard in practice, if him and Burke turn it up a notch this season we are going to have a hell of a crop of returning WRs and that isnt including the new players.

I was paying more attention to offense but the one thing on the defense I noticed was 2 of the coaches actually teaching form instead of letting the players half ass it like in years past. Not sure if it is Hall or Hendricks but they remind me of the way Legi coaches which is fu*king awesome.

Garner and McKinley look strong and the transfer Sanders is in a league all his own, he can match up with Jones or Henderson, compete and at times win. Nelson had a pick 6, Parker had 2 series in a row where he knocked down passes to the intended receivers (Carlson & Jones) he was covering in the 7 on 7 drill.

I didnt pay much attention to the LBs because from where I have to watch from they are slightly shielded by the wall of the stadium. The LB I mentioned the other day was #42 Josh Buss, that kid could be something else in a few years, he has hips and feet that are almost always ahead of everyone else. He stands out like Schye does, hope that I am not the only one that notices. Another guy I am starting to like is Alex Thomas from CMR, nice size and speed. Gamboa is going to be a beast this season, man is he quick. It is about time Gregorek utilizes the playmakers on his defense, if he sits back like the conservative bitch he always is, I am going to lose it this year.

Liking Epperly the more I watch him, he is athletic and can go get the ball in the air, seems to have good instincts and hands.

Special teams seems to actually be a priority with this staff, Sehorn is the Stitt of the kicking team, he is offering advice and teaching. It will be nice to actually have a special teams coach since we went 5 years without one...............................................

See you fu*kers in the fall.
Never look down on somebody, unless you're helping them up.

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Re: 2015 Spring Practice

Postby GRIZNATION » Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:42 pm

Alf, thanks for sharing the video with me. Stitt looks like a leader out there and is in complete command. That just got me excited, thanks for all you do.
Coach Hauck after the 2007 Griz /Cat Game - "I wish there were a 5th quarter in that game so we could kick their ass some more!"

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Re: 2015 Spring Practice

Postby MINI14GB » Thu Mar 12, 2015 10:53 pm

Thank you for streaming the practice video to me so we can watch at work!

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Re: 2015 Spring Practice

Postby Pater_Ursus_Arctos » Fri Mar 13, 2015 6:56 am


I agree 100% on your opinion of Prater. My opinion is based HOWEVER on (1) the arm strength in the videos, (2) his age and (3) military background - having not seen any practices. These are all attributes that I believe you want in a field general QB.

As dark as GRIZ football was a couple years ago, I'm REAL excited about Stitt (and his coaches) and the type of talent we have going. Match that with the new facilities and how can you not be excited.

Go Griz - Thanks for the updates you've posted.

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Re: 2015 Spring Practice

Postby FormerPlayer83 » Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:52 am

Alpha, thanks for letting me into your inner circle and getting us that practice video. I don't always agree with you but there is no doubt you go the extra mile for people. You are a good Griz fan and I hope to meet you this fall at your tailgate, thank you for the invite.

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Re: 2015 Spring Practice

Postby berlingriz » Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:33 am

Glad to hear that things are looking up! It's difficult keeping up on the team from Berlin. Thanks for the updates Alpha!

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