Billings Scrimmage

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Billings Scrimmage

Postby ALPHAGRIZ1 » Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:55 am

Went to the scrimmage yesterday and after reading the medias portrayal of the day I have to wonder what they were watching.

QB - The "best" (not saying much) QB on the Griz right now is Jordan Johnson. He is the most comfortable behind center of all the QBs. He made some throws yesterday but nothing to go Lady GaGa over. He is better with his feet this year and seems quicker and more decisive with the ball. JJ should have had 2 balls picked off, one of them was on the goal line where he just threw it high and out to his right the minute it left his hand I thought INT, I think it was murray that made the break on the ball but couldnt catch it. Very bad pass.

The second best QB on the team is someone I put no faith in ever up until yesterday. Shay Smithwick-Hann. He likes to go deep and show off the arm. He seems to have picked up the offense and looks fairly comfortable back there.

Kemp is great at running the zone read, better than anyone we have.

RB - Where do you start? Nguyen looked pretty damn good yesterday even behind the banged up OL. Canada is going to be a player the BSC HATES for the next 4 years. (Please stay healthy) Kirschner and Statham are going to be nice additions as well as adding depth. Kirschner is getting good at picking up blitzes, he got atta boys from at least 3 different coaches over the fact.

WR - Moutra and Sambrano were the ones that stood out. Carver, Gratton all made plays underneath. CJ Hatchet had the ball thrown deep to him 3-4 times but never came up with any of them. (Overthrown)

OL - Held their own even as banged up as they were. Sabin is an anchor at center and there didnt seem to be any exchange problems with him any any of the QBs. Poehls is gonna be a nice one, he hustles and has good/great feet.

DL - Get used to hearing Waldhausers name ALL year long. He is quick and just makes plays against bigger people, plus he plays with a pissy little chip on his shoulder. (I like) Bienemann is solid and Takai is gonna be a stump in the middle. Couple that with Duncan who I didnt see and this DL is one of the best we have had in years.

DE - Alt is the only one that stood out, he made some plays and I dont remember hearing or even knowing who was playing opposite him. I dont think Fetherston was there.

LB - Tripp, Tripp, Tripp, Tripp, Tripp

Distant 2nd - the rest of the LBs. Didnt hear or see McSurdy yesterday, maybe they were giving him some rest.

I dont see a stronger unit on this team than at LB

Secondary - Roots sure does get beat a lot to be "the guy" opposite TJ. Lisowski I didnt notice but I did hear his name on a KOR. TJ wasnt there.

Safety - Heard Badger and Tully mentioned by the PA guy dont have much to say about this because I didnt pay attention to the safety position.

McKnight I think was perfect on the day (5 FGs?) He is solid.

Wren sure can punt in practice, hope this year it translates into games, he could be a weapon we didnt have last year.

On a scale of 1-10 right now I give the Griz a 4.5

Defense is just better than the offense

Sure its probably low but I think there is a ton of room for improvement and I dont want them resting on success, I want them pissed that they got a low score.

Give em some drive for the fall.
Never look down on somebody, unless you're helping them up.

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