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Griz BB fans live in a fantasy world

Posted: Sun May 25, 2014 10:33 am
by growler
I have to laugh reading the thread over at regarding why we keep losing our head BB coach to bigger programs. These pin heads keep talking about increasing the coach's salary as the solution to retaining them. They continue to live in a fantasy world where UM athletics is big-time on a national basis, and where all head coaches would kill to stay around, if only the money was better! Throw more money at them, and they'll stay forever!

Please! I got a news flash for them! UM athletics is only a big deal in the state of Montana, and for UM alums. Nationally, it is nowhere, and will never be anywhere.

The head coaching jobs in both Football and BB are nothing more than springboards to the big time jobs. Anyone who does not understand this is very naive. Almost all coaches have career ambitions to coach at the highest level possible, and that level in NOT at a Mid-major BB program, or at an FCS football school.

And money is only a secondary reason coaches leave for greener pastures. The primary reason is that it fulfills a career goal to coach in the big time.... to actually have a chance to compete for a National Championship..... to be able to recruit great high school talent, instead of taking the left-overs.

Accept the facts, and wish Wayne well. He was hoping to move up the moment he became our head BB coach. And, whomever we hire to replace him will be doing same.

Re: Griz BB fans live in a fantasy world

Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:49 pm
by putter
I agree. Look how fast Tre Tinkle committed to his dad once he left. Gets to play against PAC-12 competition.....Big Sky just won't cut it unless you luck out and get a steal like Lillard or even Cherry